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Hydraulic hoses

In the production program of our company are included low-pressure hoses, high-pressure hoses and special hoses (for example extreme temperature and pressure), which we reinforce according to the norms result from SAE and DIN. We deliver the hoses in requested lenghts and dimensions.

Delivery terms of standard hoses and fittings are since 1 up to 10 days according to the ordered quantity. Delivery term of special hoses are sicne 6 up to 8 weeks. If our customer requests some armed hoses for usage of different mediums (air, steam, colours and other chemical substances), we reinforce them after the agreement of technical conditions.

On the next pages of our catalogue are listed basic data for mark of armed hoses and basic regulations for their assembly and control. There are listed also some important technical informations.

We deliver:

  • hydraulic rubber hoses 1SN, 1SC, 2SN, 2SC, 4SP, 4SH, R13, R15
  • hydraulic thermoplastic hoses
  • teflon hoses