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Fittings for hydraulic hoses

Fittings for hydraulic hoses are junction and connecting elements of hydraulic main. In our offer is wide assortment of hydraulic fittings with various forms of connecting and seal.

Fittings for hydraulic hoses we offer for all types hoses armatures, adapters which reduce lightness of hydraulic main, and also adapters which allow switch-over with various types of border line.

In our offer you find integral offer of fittings for armouring hoses:

  • Fittings for hydraulic hoses-content
  • Swaged ferrule (skive) for hose 1SN
  • Swaged ferrule (skive) for hose 2SN
  • Swaged ferrule (skive) for hose 2SN-4SP
  • Swaged ferrule (no skive) for hose 1SN-2SN-2SC-R16-R17