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Industrial hoses

Industrial hoses - right choice In order to guarantee optimal function of hose, a hose should be choose according to specific conditions of application. It is necessary to use all informations and obtained knowledge about delivery medium, eventually about correspondent fittings.

Conditions of application:

  • Medium (delivered material):
  • content (for example at oil, gas, pablum)
  • concentration (at chemical)
  • temperature (maximum, minimum)


  • Pressure load (max. working pressure)
  • Suction load (max. underpressure)
  • Failure pressure: calculated multiplication of working pressure with safety factor listed in catalogue

External influences:

  • Temperature
  • Atmospheric conditions and influences
  • Contact with oil, salt water or aggresive materials
  • Strong mechnic abrasion (for example sliding of hose on abrasive floor, stones, edges...)

Radius of bend:

  • In catalogue listed minimal radius of bend may not be excess during application the hose, otherwise can be short her lifetime.

Industrial hoses and their dimensions:

  • Internal diameter: indicates thickness of wall hose (consist from core, reinforcement and cover).
  • Lenght of roll: in this column you find maximum producible lenght of hose, eventually standard delivered lenght.