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DIN 2353 - 24°

Principle of cut ring was developed at the beginning 30. years. This screw joints became fast popular behalf simple assembly by two keys. Today is this type of screw joints the international wide-spread system of high-pressure connection for tubes with metrical thread.

Screw joints is exclusively for application on metrical tubes. All dimensions, for example threads, plastes for puttings keys and passable slits are metrical. Historical records are German norms DIN 3861, DIN 3859 and DIN 2353, which are today international standards represented as ISO 8434.

Typical sign of screw joints is high resistance towards pressure at small external dimensions. Screw joints are delivered in three contructive lines (LL, L and S) for low-pressure, middle-pressure and high-pressure aplication. It allows economical and spatially modest solution for various applications.